Jul 24, 2011

Love oh Love.....

Relationship problems, I guess we've all heard of them before, and I've always hated to read that kinda stuff anywhere, because I simply never had a relationship (forever alone?). But now (surprise surprise) I have a girlfriend and have one of those nasty problems myself...

Thing is, she is a bit older than me and therefore has a bit more experience than me, and, sadly, I envy her for being more experienced than me and therefore feel like an Idiot.
So what should I do now? I obviously have a huge problem with just ignoring it, because if I could, I wouldnt ask you guys for help...
So should I just leave her and try to sow my wild oat? But I don't want that, I want to be with her and not someone else.

Do you have any recommendations for me?

Also, I feel like a god damn Idiot for finally having a girlfriend and then destroying it all again by being a f*cking A**hole :(

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  1. I think most of all you need to talk to her about this. Don't feel stupid, unless she's like wayyyyy older lol. I know 3 couples with ten years between them. My mum and dad, my mum and stepdad, and a couple at where I work. She has more experience than you, but by being with her, you are getting more experience yourself, while she is going through things she already has, so you are catching up to her in terms of experience. I'm not sure if that's much of a comfort or not, but by being with her, you are getting experience, if you left her just because she was a bit older, then you'd have no more experience, you'd probably be a mess for a while (I'm still a mess over love related things from years ago, but no one should be like me). Really all I can properly advise is talking to her, letting her know how you feel. If you want to leave her because of it, which you've said you don't, then it should be a decision made by both of you anyway. Good luck, if you can bear to write about it, keep us informed.