Aug 31, 2011

Entirely and totally bankrupt

Turns out this month's money won't show up so I'm left totally bakrupt, down and out.
I won't be starving, but it looks like I'll have to turn down the fun-factor quite a bit :(

Does anyone have any ideas on how to quickly make some good cash (Prostitution is NOT good cash)?
Help me Obi-Wan, you're my last hope!

Aug 30, 2011

Young Smokers?

I've been smooking since I was 15 years old, and always kind of thought "Man, I sure was young when I started smoking" and always thought of it as something kind of rebellious. But, yesterday, as I was walking through town minding my own business, I suddenly saw myself being approached by two little boys, about 12 years old. Although they were dressed kinda punky, you could see that they would have even made Justin Bieber look like an old man.
Anyways, they obviously saw me smoking and straight away asked me for a fire, and me, being the naive bastard I am, instantly thought "why would those little wannabe punks want a fire?"
After being caught totally off-guard when they pulled out a pack of Marlboro Menthols (baah), I asked them if they weren't too young to be smoking.
They just looked at me like sheep and like they never heard of smoking being illegal until you're 18, and I asked them politely to hand me their fags and fuck off.
Well, they did so, and I got rid of those nasty menthols.

So, was my reaction correct? Is it okay to stop those kids from smoking, although they will surely have bought another pack by now?
Or should I just accept that kids will always start smoking at younger and younger ages?

Aug 29, 2011

Poll Results!!

As the title says, we finally have some results on the latest poll, and, to be honest with you gals, I'm quite impressed of how much you want to see more Personal Stories of myself. Anyways, here are the results:

What kind of Content would you like to see?
Current Political Events
  5 (25%)
  6 (30%)
Personal Stories
  12 (60%)
Self Experimentation
  7 (35%)

Stay tuned, there'll finally be some new stuff this week and I'm pumped for your reactions!

Aug 26, 2011

Mad Partying

Went drinking yesterday evening, had 5 beers, 1 bottle of schnapps and 7 or so drinks.

In the end I was too drunk to be able to use public transport aka subway, took the same line 4 times and always fell asleep until I arrived in the ultimate destination.
After that I arrived at home and slept until 4 in the morning, then took a shower.
Proceeded to go to work after having a drunk three-hour breakfast, spent 3 hours on the WC to browse the internet with my laptop. Returned to my place just in time for my boss to arrive, who then proceeded to commend me for my exemplay attitude to work. Win.

And now I will go my ways and drink even more.
Screw you, brain cells!!

Aug 22, 2011

My Brain has finally been melted

Today it's 40°C (104°F) where I live, and I've been working 8 hours nonstop in the top floor in the special-care home I'm working at this week with glorious lots of roofing cardboard right above my head.

What I look like after a hard day of work.

I feel like a deep-fried chicken wing and am sadly not capable to write anything more. I will now proceed to try and drown myself in the deep end of my bathtub.

Aug 21, 2011

Random certainly interesting fact of the day

To get the recommended daily allowance of calories, a human would have to swallow 400 loads of male ejaculation.

Aug 18, 2011



 -Abraham Lincoln, seconds before his death

Aug 17, 2011

The Joys of living in Bavaria

Well, as it turns out I'm broke like a joke, therefore shipping my ass overseas falls out of my possibilities.
But, did I know, going into vacation at home can be more than OK, too.

As it turned out, as soon as I got my sorry ass away from my computer and got outside, I realised that there are some really nice places in and around munich. Yesterday for example I went swimming in an extremely secluded lake just a few minutes away from a train station - an entire lake just for myself!
And after some swimming I had just enough time left to admire the countryside, but see for yourself:

 The only problem with my part-time country vacation was some trouble with certain bloodsucking parasites - horse-flies. Killed at least a dozen of them trying to save myself from being sucked dry, but they still managed to get their share on some parts (itches like mad!). Apart from that, I can only recommend leaving the city for once and getting your share of country-goodness!

Anyways, here's one last picture for you guys.
It's the old city-hall in Munich, I didn't really do something in there recently, but I just think that it looks awesome. Munich is a beautiful city full of old buildings and several other places of interest, but also has a lot more to show, especially for all you guys who like to party!

So thank you very much for reading how I enjoy life, hehe :)
And I hope you guys will stay tuned, because in less than a month it's time for some motherf*ckin' OKTOBERFEST!!!!

Aug 15, 2011

Just some random thought to keep you guys interested

In all musical genres there is sh*tty, bad music - there is no particular genre that consists only of bad or good content. But, the more popular a genre or band is the worse is usually gets.

You have to be concentrated and keep yourself engaged with a certain kind of music, and no matter how bad you thought of that genre before, if you keep looking long enough, you will find something that you like.

Aug 10, 2011

Just some Pictures I've made

Smoking is bad, mkay?

 Just wanna share the feeling.

 Sandboxes - when you are all out of Minecraft.


 When the sun greets you for a good morning.

 Anyone know where this is?

Thanks for looking at those, feel free to comment. I will now proceed to go back to bed and sleep out my hangover :)

Aug 7, 2011

I'm singing in the rain!

The weather hates me. It's the first day of acceptable temperatures here where I live and I come to the glorious idea: 'Hey, how about a Barbecue Party?'

So I call a few people, set up everything and we're ready to go. We begin, everyone's chilling out, it's hot, there's beer, meat, salad and cigarettes. But, god doesn't like my plans of enjoying the sun for at least one day - a thunderstorm comes.

At least we weren't thirsty anymore...

  So while trying to get the BBQ-Set out of the rain I get my hands burned - and now I'm sitting here typing a new post on my blog with blistered fingers. Anyways - after spending the rest of yesterday evening trying to numb the pain by drinking more beer, I'm left sitting home alone on a rainy sunday afternoon with nothing to do.

I'm free for hugs now. Anyone?

Aug 6, 2011

Oh Internet, strengthen my wisdom!!

I come here with the burden of a question again, and sorry everybody, it's about my girlfriend again. *sigh women*

Thing is, I told her I don't like to see her getting drunk out of her mind, because we went out a few times, and from falling unconscious to being a total b*tch to me she did everything to make me say that I don't want her to go binge drinking. At first she said that it's okay for her and that she will stop getting too drunk.
But, yesterday, after she told me she would spend the evening at home, she instead met one of her older girlfriends and drank what would have been more then enough for both of us.

She told me she does not want to ask me for permission everytime she does something and I told her that she has given me more than enough reason to ask for some allegiance.

So after a bit of arguing we just came to the conclusion that I had to give her some free space and have to stop trying to 'control' her - although, in my opinion, I never ordered her to stop drinking, I just told her that I don't like seeing it, which she recklessly ignored.

Right now I feel a bit left out, like, as long as she is happy and can do whatever she wants to, my feelings are insignificant and of no importance. Kind of a sh*tty situation imho.

So what the f*ck am I supposed to do now?
Why the f*ck does this sh*t have to be so complicated?

Coffee - it's what I really need right now.


Aug 5, 2011

Awkward Situation

You those know those awkward situations, the kind of where you say something and instantly regret it?
I had one like those yesterday. Basically, I was sitting in a park with a few friends (a friend of mine, my girlfriend, 2 friends of hers and 2 chicks I did not know personally before) spending the time smoking, talking and drinking beer and wine (sounds sophisticated, huh?).

Anyways, after some drinks we somehow got to the topic of pedophilia - don't ask how we got there, a lot of alcohol was involved. Anyways, I pointed out that about 100 years ago, homosexuality was considered a crime and Gay People were executed and imprisoned for their sexual orientation. So I got to the conclusion that maybe 100 years from now, Pedos will be accepted in our society (I just want to point out right now that this is in no way what I would like to see, IMHO those sick f*cks can spend the rest of their lives in prison). Anyways, as soon as I said it, the 2 chicks I didn't know started talking things like "but homosexuals are still being oppressed in todays society" and "pedophilia is completely different from homosexuality", which I partly agree with, but later on it turned out that both those girls were lesbians.
Yeah, at that moment I was like "Oh Sh*t!" and must have looked really stupid.

So, do you guys have any awkward moments, other than comparing homosexuals to pedos while 2 activist lesbians are listening?

Feel free to write a comment.

Aug 4, 2011

Please vote on my Poll!

I'm interested in your opinion, so I would like you to tell me what kind of content you guys would prefer on here. Also, if you have any new ideas that are not mentioned in the poll feel free to write me a comment!

I'm waiting for awesome results, thanks in advance and stay creative!

Aug 3, 2011

Ice Cream!!

Picture related, its what I feel like right right now.
Sometimes, there is no bigger joy in Life than Ice Cream.

With this, I just say: Enjoy your Summer and have FUN!

PS: According to popular belief Glass Windows are cool!!
Are Glass Windows cool?
  15 (88%)
  2 (11%)

Aug 2, 2011

Undeserved mistrust?

Today my girlfriend forgot her cellphone at my place, and ever since I found it I feel tempted to forage for something suspicious in it. Although we spent a load of time together and she would practically never be able to meet another guy and do something with him, I still wanted to skim through her messages and look through her facebook.

Well, I did not look through her messages and neither did I check her facebook. But why was I so tempted to do so? Am I really so distrustful?

Or is there any other reason for me to want to do something like this? Because I know, whether I find something suspicious or just some old messages from an ex-friend or if I don't even find anything, in none of these situations will I feel better than before.

So what does this mean? There's not a single reason for me to be afraid of her cheating on me, so why do I feel the need to check twice? Better be safe than sorry?
And I know that when I find something which is extremely unlikely I will feel justified for looking through her Phone, but if I look through it and don't find anything I will feel bad for being suspicious.

Help me, whats wrong with me??!

On a side note, here's some music for you guys.
Leave a Comment.

Aug 1, 2011

Almost 300 Followers!

A new milestone in my personal blogging history has almost been reached!

Thank you for staying tuned, also stay alert for more content!

500 followers, here I come!!!