Aug 26, 2011

Mad Partying

Went drinking yesterday evening, had 5 beers, 1 bottle of schnapps and 7 or so drinks.

In the end I was too drunk to be able to use public transport aka subway, took the same line 4 times and always fell asleep until I arrived in the ultimate destination.
After that I arrived at home and slept until 4 in the morning, then took a shower.
Proceeded to go to work after having a drunk three-hour breakfast, spent 3 hours on the WC to browse the internet with my laptop. Returned to my place just in time for my boss to arrive, who then proceeded to commend me for my exemplay attitude to work. Win.

And now I will go my ways and drink even more.
Screw you, brain cells!!


  1. i applaud, sir, your partying and your exceptional timing skills!

  2. Sounds like my evenings gonna be like

  3. Congradulations on balancing life and work!

  4. Brain cells are overrated and your liver can repair itself.

  5. Hahahahah! Hope your boss doesn't read this :P