Aug 6, 2011

Oh Internet, strengthen my wisdom!!

I come here with the burden of a question again, and sorry everybody, it's about my girlfriend again. *sigh women*

Thing is, I told her I don't like to see her getting drunk out of her mind, because we went out a few times, and from falling unconscious to being a total b*tch to me she did everything to make me say that I don't want her to go binge drinking. At first she said that it's okay for her and that she will stop getting too drunk.
But, yesterday, after she told me she would spend the evening at home, she instead met one of her older girlfriends and drank what would have been more then enough for both of us.

She told me she does not want to ask me for permission everytime she does something and I told her that she has given me more than enough reason to ask for some allegiance.

So after a bit of arguing we just came to the conclusion that I had to give her some free space and have to stop trying to 'control' her - although, in my opinion, I never ordered her to stop drinking, I just told her that I don't like seeing it, which she recklessly ignored.

Right now I feel a bit left out, like, as long as she is happy and can do whatever she wants to, my feelings are insignificant and of no importance. Kind of a sh*tty situation imho.

So what the f*ck am I supposed to do now?
Why the f*ck does this sh*t have to be so complicated?

Coffee - it's what I really need right now.



  1. maybe you should go out with her and do fun stuff, so she wouldn't have to be drunk to have fun?
    I dunno if this would help, but you could try it..

  2. I need some advice on this too :|

  3. coffee is the last thing I need at 12am...

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  5. God damn man, it sucks to hear that because ive been there so many times... I personally have never kept a relationship with this type of girl but if you want to keep it going i reccomend finding things you guys can do WITHOUT drinking, find something you both really enjoy doing and instead of her thinking "oh lets go drinking" shel think "oh lets go do _____".

  6. Well, for starters, the drinking is not a problem here, it's how she acts when she's drunk.
    And if she's the type of girl that will not treat her man properly then give her all the space she needs. You can find a better girl anyways.
    So tell her that you're gonna give her that space, but that you're not gonna wait for her call.

  7. I feel bad for you. I have friends who have girlfriends who act the same way! You probably need to discuse it more with her and in the end breaking up may be the answer! Me and my girlfriend have a big above ground pool and a projecter for watching movies on the wall and when people ask how we can aford it we just say, "We don't drink."
    The money spent on booze ads up, if you spend $30 a month thats $360 a year!

  8. I had a girlfriend who would do the same, except she would get drunk and then make out with every dude she could find. I realized I couldn't change her, and that's where it ended. You'll have to think about what she means to you and whether it's worth the struggle.

  9. I think that it's a cry for help. Usually when people drink, especially when they binge drink, they are trying to "numb the pain" or "drink away their troubles." There is an underlying issue there. Maybe she is going through a rough time and isn't ready to face reality. If you still care about her, talk to her and be there to support her. Hope this helps. :)

  10. How old is she?

    I personally can't stand it when people drink and act like idiots. I refuse to be in a relationship with somebody like that.

  11. The struggles included in the relationship have be outweighed by the joys.

  12. Video tape her being drunk and stupid, show it to her family? Or just herself so she knows what she becomes like.

  13. Yeah I hate this, been there as well. You tell them you don't like it when they do something and all of a sudden you're controlling. The "stop controlling me" is just a stubborn defense for her immature behaviour. She probably knows deep down that getting hammered and acting a fool is stupid but it's easier to project that problem onto you by making it into a control issue.