Aug 17, 2011

The Joys of living in Bavaria

Well, as it turns out I'm broke like a joke, therefore shipping my ass overseas falls out of my possibilities.
But, did I know, going into vacation at home can be more than OK, too.

As it turned out, as soon as I got my sorry ass away from my computer and got outside, I realised that there are some really nice places in and around munich. Yesterday for example I went swimming in an extremely secluded lake just a few minutes away from a train station - an entire lake just for myself!
And after some swimming I had just enough time left to admire the countryside, but see for yourself:

 The only problem with my part-time country vacation was some trouble with certain bloodsucking parasites - horse-flies. Killed at least a dozen of them trying to save myself from being sucked dry, but they still managed to get their share on some parts (itches like mad!). Apart from that, I can only recommend leaving the city for once and getting your share of country-goodness!

Anyways, here's one last picture for you guys.
It's the old city-hall in Munich, I didn't really do something in there recently, but I just think that it looks awesome. Munich is a beautiful city full of old buildings and several other places of interest, but also has a lot more to show, especially for all you guys who like to party!

So thank you very much for reading how I enjoy life, hehe :)
And I hope you guys will stay tuned, because in less than a month it's time for some motherf*ckin' OKTOBERFEST!!!!


  1. Oowee, if there's ever a good time to be in Bavaria it's for oktoberfest!

  2. Thanks for the post! Have you thought of bug repelent?

  3. Nice, which my town had architecture like that.

  4. Lucky, my area only have like a ravine. I'm pretty sure homeless people live down there though.

  5. Those are some nice views :) It's amazing what you can find in your own backyard so to speak. I'm looking forward to the posts on Oktoberfest but I'm also preparing to cry cos I'm not there lol.

  6. I got a hard time swimming in open waters. It's all because I read a book by stephen king when i was little about some black blob eating people in a lake. That and leeches. God i hate open waters.

  7. oktoberfest... hell yeah, i'll be there >:D

  8. Horse flies are the worst. They always choose me.