May 10, 2011

This Stuff grinds my Gears!

As you may have noticed before, I'm interested in going hunting, and therefore looked through a bit of the substance available on the web, and encountered some of the most hypocritic arseholes I've seen so far. Claiming to be "environmental activists", all they do is focus on how to denunciate Hunters and such. In total Ignorance of the fact that all the natural enemies of hunted animals are nearly extinct, so there are way too many red deer around nowaways which damage the wood and the livelihood of their offspring, they scream and yell as soon as someone shoots a deer.
Inhumane Hunting conditions, they yell.
Being shot into the heart which follows instant death in about 4-10 seconds is very inhumane, don't you think.
BUT going to eat at McDonalds, where millions and millions of farm animals are kept in mass stock, where they suffer until being slashed into small enough pieces to fit into a burger is A-OK!?
The bigotry of those r*tarded dissemblers instantaneously fires my Rage.
I hope you can understand my point.

May 8, 2011

Too much Information

In his world-famous bestseller 1984 George Orwell feared that the government will censor all news and media, only releasing news that are good for its reputation.
In my Opinion, the exact opposite is happening nowadays: We are getting flooded with information, so that nothing seems important anymore. Just think about it: A year ago, seemingly everyone was terribly upset about the oil-spill in the gulf of mexico, claiming it was one of the most dangerous natural disasters until then, and what then?
Right, everyone forgot about it.
Remember about 6 weeks ago?
Fukushima exploded, horrible atomic disasters, the end of the world as we know it.
And what are the important news today? The US managed to kill an old introverted man.
That seems so much more important than everything else happening nowadays.
All I want to say is, don't believe everything the media tells you.
Because they are just in it for the money.

May 5, 2011

This is for you guys believing Osama is still alive

Just think about it:
IF Osama REALLY was still alive, he would immediately show himself to the public, propably sending out fresh video tapes to all big media centers, because that would actually show AND prove that the american Government has lied to their citizens, and therefore shake the american belief in their own government, which would be exactly what Osama has always wanted!