Jul 22, 2011

The End of the Experiment

So that's it. I've made it through 5 days, Monday to Friday, partying on each and every one of them. Spent the last evening dancing in Munich's Kultfabrik, drank a lot and consumed some other things that were propably illegal - in short, I've done all the things you would usually ONLY do on weekends and did it throughout the entire week.

So do I feel better now? Or do I feel worse?
I think it's none of each. Of course, I felt pretty bad because of being ill for a few days, but that problem somehow solved itself (oh, the miracles of alcohol). I think I'm just gonna make a list, because that usually helps me think through stuff:

-I've met a lot new Friends
-I have a girlfriend now
-That long lost feeling of rebellion

-I feel really, really hungover, my body literally screams at me to stop drinking so much
-I lost my job (though I don't care really much since it sucked anyways)

So, afterall, going to parties each and everyday is great for socializing and for that good old, rebellious and adolescent feeling of "I don't f*ckin' care anyways", although you should watch out to not obviously act young if you're a bit older (because that just looks ridiculous), BUT you should not and must not in any way overdo it with this kinda behavior, some people can take it better than the other, but in the end, you will really just be hungover and will maybe lose something that means a lot to you...

So, I myself will now take a few days off partying this weekend, and then try and start into a normal life again.
Thanks for reading!


  1. It seems you have a lot more positives, as the negatives are something which can be easily fixed. But I hope the negatives aren't too much of an affect D:

    But I would like to congratulate you on making a lot of new friends, and getting a girlfriend :)

  2. No matter what happens, as long as you got laid, it counts as a win.

  3. After a five days party comes a ten days hangover. :P

  4. The experiment was a great read, and probably a fun life to live haha. Good luck getting back into the norm

  5. Good luck with getting a new job, pleased to hear you survived the week and got a girl out of it.

  6. yeah, thats really interesting! +followed

  7. Self experimentation?! Hell yea man, this is gonna be a good blog i can feel it!

  8. sorry bout your job!! get a new one so you can do it all over again