Apr 29, 2011

Does Life make Sense?

I've been thinking a lot lately, and maybe it is because I am p*ss-*ss drunk atm, but I've come to the conclusion that life in its entirety does not make sense at all.
Think about it, for example the german that worked in the Gas-Chambers in one of the Nazi Annihilation-Camps, of course we all know he existed, he must have, but do we remember him? Do we know how he felt, did he enjoy it, did he feel remorse?
Do we know his name?
I think not.
No matter what we do, how gruesome it is, how wonderful it is, how necessary it is or how senseless it is, in less than 100 Years, everyone on earth will have forgotten us, our existance, everything, we will merely be a Name on a document in some dusty archive, on a forgotten computer.
There is no need to feel shame, to find work or to feel depressed because you can't find love.
Nothing matters.
We think we are the peak of creation (see Bible, Genesis), but we are not.
We are merely the blink of an eye in the life of the universe.

So does that mean that we can do what we want to do?
Because no matter what we do, no one will learn from it.
Think about it, the Second World War happened, never before have we killed so many of our own kind in such a short time, and one should think that Humanity would finally learn to do better, but no.
We still kill ourselves.
So what does it mean?
Is the sense of life to find a mating partner and reproduce as hard as we can?
What should we do?
Is some higher being watching us?
Propably not.
We like to think so.
We like to hope that sometime, somewhen everything will come to an end and we will go into paradise.
But that will not happen.

In my honest opinion, we are just a tiny fraction of the Universe. And we are very lucky to live in this time.
And the best thing we can do is to enjoy every day of peace we have left.
Because if we have learnt one thing from the past, then it is this:
War will come.
Humanity is the only being that does not learn from its mistakes.
War will come.
So live every day of your life like it was your last one.
Don't be afraid.



  1. I've been asking that question a lot of times already.

  2. whats funny is i thought getting wasted makes life make more sense LOL interesting point though

  3. I think everyone wants to believe in something more. Kinda sad to think our lives are pretty meaningless

  4. Ahh I didn't want to read too deeply into this because I think it'd make me depressed lol.

  5. No. Good observations though.